Proposal to reintroduce Tasmanian Devils to mainland Australia

A palaeontological perspective on the proposal to reintroduce Tasmanian devils to mainland Australia to suppress invasive predators Biological Conservation, Volume 232, April 2019, Pages 187-193 Abstract The diversity of Australia’s mammalian fauna has decreased markedly since European colonisation. Species in the small-to-medium body size range have been particularly badly affected. Feral cats and foxes have played a…

Lunette Sequence Detail Section

Schematic Diagrams of Garnpung-Gogolo Lunette Sequence.


ARC Grant Maps

From 2013 Toot Toot Design has been engaged to create diagrams and maps in conjunction with Griffith University, Environmental Futures Research Institute, University of Queensland in particular, Dr Michael C Westaway, for an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery, ARC Linkage and two ARC DECRA grant applications. These have involved various resources relating to archaeological sites, samples and…


Murray–Darling Basin

Toot Toot Design was engaged to create maps in conjunction with Professor R. Quentin Grafton from Australian National University, Crawford School of Public Policy, for work related to the Murray–Darling Basin catchments and for eventual use toward the Murray–Darling Basin Authority 2010, Basin Plan. It comprised of several series of data maps based on a range…