OpsX Forum

Newport Consulting is a management consultancy which helps companies to achieve operational excellence through aligning and optimising existing resources to achieve tangible, consistent and measurable business performance.

Newport Consulting required an identity and marketing material for the launch of a new forum to be held in Singapore. The OpsX13: Operational Excellence Forum, an annual event, showcasing key speakers from the region, across a variety of sectors with a focus on operational excellence. Workshops offered attendees the chance to learn from operational and service improvement experts as well as share ideas and experiences.

The brand had to be exciting, innovative and bold. It dually had to align with Newport Consulting‘s identity, along with The Productivity Hub series. The theme was “Operational Excellence – Meeting customer requirements efficiently and profitably” and was designed to collaborate and leverage ideas to create competitive advantage. Networking and learning were also key outcomes.

A brochure, flyer and online elements were created to promote the forum and facilitate registration. Toot Toot Design collaborated with Manning & Co. on creating the OpsX brand.