System Harmonisation

Miriam Alexander from Toot Toot Design, who brought inspiration and a different and creative perspective and provided the leadership in developing the look and feel to the book that we hope reflects some of the flow, complexity, non-linearity and need to take a different approach to irrigation that lies at the heart of System Harmonisation.

Creative direction, and all elements of design, layout and printing were undertaken by Toot Toot Design on this project. Including the hand-drawn ink cover artwork image. It was a highly collaborative exercise with the writers and clients being involved and accommodated for in all key creative decisions.

The design called for a visual motif that expressed “Water and land are connected and interconnected; they are separate but one.” The theme had to flow like a river and umbrella many different ideas, people and opinions under the unified concept of ‘System Harmonisation.’ Additionally and more importantly the book had to be practical. Both divisible and readable by topic and/or region, accessible to a variety of audiences and an easy-to-use reference tool.

Writers, Keith L. Bristow and Tim Stubbs contributed many hours and ideas. Both were critical in helping to conceive and fulfill such a comprehensive and creative and project.

As an experiment System Harmonisation was particularly successful in demonstrating that key stakeholders need to, and can, come together to tackle difficult and complex problems that they cannot tackle on their own. By harnessing the energy, commitment and leadership of the group it is possible to deliver meaningful local, regional and catchment scale change.

This book documents the System Harmonisation story, and most importantly the learning that has come from the experience. It is based on stories that have come directly from the people involved; they are real, honest and sometimes confronting.

For further information on this book or to obtain a hardcopy please contact Toot Toot Design.