The Productivity Hub

Productivity Hub is an online community designed to shed new light on productivity in the modern business and social context. It is driven by a concern that productivity is suffering as well as a passion and belief that it is essential at an individual, company and national level.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]The Productivity Hub logo is not your typical logo. The contemporary design of the logo and visual identity, however, is an important element of the Productivity Hub initiative; an initiative which is not typical, standard or ordinary in any way. It is an initiative that has a strong and necessary purpose; to get productivity high on the social, corporate and government Agenda.

The Hub’s logo and branding visually represents the primary objective of the Hub: to shed new light on productivity in the modern business and social context. Productivity needs to be thought of differently. It needs to be looked at in a different light, as does all of the various issues that affect productivity. In a business context, the definition of productivity is still largely steeped in the management practices of the 1980s; however it has evolved significantly over the years.

The modern design takes into account an interactive typeface, warm colours and a sense of boldness, and is designed for the online environment. It’s boldness illustrates that productivity is here to stay; we face a productivity challenge and need to address it from all angles. Warm colours represent the positivity and necessity of improving productivity. Productivity is not a bad thing or an awful word that should not be spoken about. It does not mean head cutting or people working longer hours for less pay while companies are profiting.

The Productivity Hub is an authentic community brand. It is part of the “productivity revolution” that is required in Australasia and elsewhere in the world and the visual identity reflects this.[/quote]