Yvette Elias

Yvette Elias is a sought after Sydney hair and make-up artists. Creative vision, attention to detail and the ability to produce inspirational looks for countless campaigns, editorials, music videos, covers and celebrities has seen her start a long collaboration with many of her clients.

Toot Toot Design was asked to design a basic identity and website to reinvigorate Yvette’s solo career. As a hair and make-up artist, quality photography set in a clean online portfolio was key. The site revolves around a central floating gallery. Where images are on constant carousel with scrolling thumbnail previews, all expandable to full size.

In a second round of development a pages were added to on-sell product, display videos and news updates.

The logo and colouring of the site, are understated and reflect the palette of a make-up artist – skin tones contrasted with dramatic colour.

Toot Toot Design collaborated with Web Developer,